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Discover Mannington

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Discover Mannington

For their 2017 NeoCon showroom, Mannington charged Leap with re-envisioning their space to showcase new product collections, from floor to ceiling, using hygge to warm the space and create an inviting atmosphere. Using their featured flooring collections, Paper and Origami, we developed product wall installations that sampled the geometry and handiwork of folded paper pieces.


Leading up to their 2017 NeoCon show, Mannington Commercial took inventory of their brand positioning and upcoming product launches. From that self-assessment they determined their NeoCon showroom needed a complete overhaul – from floor to ceiling – wherein they wanted to construct a more heavily polished and expertly crafted space that exudes craft and leverages the ability for their product to travel from the floor up onto the walls. Inspiration in the execution would feature heavily and drawing attendees to the back of the show space was a primary objective.



Branding and design strategy centered around the showroom theme of “Discover Mannington,” which invited attendees to engage with the products on the walls and hinted at the shift in company trajectory. We reinforced the crafted aesthetic of showcased collections with inspiration throughout the space, including a wall-sized, 20+ layer, under-lit diorama made entirely of paper, which was created on commission by artist Christina Lihan. Soft lighting, subdued 3D type, the addition of geometric acoustic panels for sound dampening, and craft furniture rounded out this modern yet comfortable show space. 

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