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Crafted with purpose

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Crafted with purpose.

For their 2018 NeoCon showroom, Mannington charged Leap with leveraging their existing space to create a new spin on color-infused product collections whose inspirations varied from the Northern Lights to vinyl records. Especially important was how to showcase featured product, Moire, a carpet tile designed in concert with installation artist Gabriel Dawe.


Particularly relevant at this year’s NeoCon (the 50th anniversary of the show) was to push the gamut on how product was displayed. Context and accentuating the inspiration which led to the development of each product was brought to the forefront of each collection though the incorporation of artist drawings, photography, or the form of the installation. Elements from each display were then brought into print and interactive collateral for a unified showroom across all media types.



Branding and design strategy centered around the showroom theme of “Crafted with purpose,” which nodded to the association of the installed products and their inspiration, while debuting the new company tagline and messaging. We further delivered on this brand promise with a collaborative installation in the lobby of The Mart which combined an ethereal fiber sculpture by Gabrial Dawe, a Moire carpet landing area, hanging signage and a teaser video directing viewers to the showroom. The result was an increase in showroom traffic by 300%.


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